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Monday, July 31, 2006


Lauren and I headed down to San Diego for a little birthday trip (I am now 29). We stayed with Ryan for the weekend in his new place, which was very nice and had us both quite impressed. On Saturday we went to SeaWorld, where we got a good sunburn but still had a lot of fun. We saw the usual suspects...dolphins, killer whales, seals and sea lions, and a couple of aquariums.

The highlight for both of us was Sea Lions Tonite which was a spoof of several real life shows like American Idol and Survivor and SeaWorld shows like Believe and Cirque de le Mer. This show was seriously hilarious, we were expecting a cheesefest with a few decent sea lion tricks, and we ended up laughing our butts off for 20 minutes. It was really refreshing to see the park laugh at itself after being quite schmaltzy during the day.

We capped off the night with Journey to Atlantis, sort of a combination roller coaster / log flume. This was an interesting ride, mainly because the big flume drop is the first ride element! The second half of the ride involves a tilting elevator and was a nice surprise.

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