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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Fearsome Floors

Last night Lauren and I played our inaugural game of Fearsome Floors, the new boardgame she got me for my birthday. I had played once before at the Caltech Grad & Post-doc Game Society. This did not prevent me from screwing up one inconsequential and one very major rule in teaching the game. In the end we each managed only two escapes from the dungeon, but my guys got out first so I won.

I definitely like the game, it's quite different from anything else in my collection. Playing with just two players gave the game a much different feel - it was a lot less chaotic, even with my incorrect rules. Not that a bit of chaos is a bad thing in a game with a theme of being chased by a monster! I am really liking diceless race games. Mississippi Queen is one of my favorite games with or without the expansion, and I enjoyed my one play of seminal classic Hare and Tortoise.


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