Tibs Manor

Friday, September 15, 2006

Rootin' & Tootin'

We had an offsite meeting yesterday at the L.A. Equestrian Center in Burbank. It was a big group, a lot of people from Seattle even made the trip down. After a nice BBQ buffet, we settled in for about 3 hours of presentations related to some minor (for my group at least) reorganization and where each group's product development was at. I'm not sure if we're allowed to talk about all the stuff we saw, and with few exceptions most of it would be pretty boring if you don't work for Disney, so I'll skip that part.

The cool part was that after the presentations we went outside for some fun. There was more food, "adult beverages", a DJ and some games:

Calf Ropin': You sit on a dummy horse and kick in a lever. This triggers a little metal calf to get pulled out on a ripcord along a 15 foot track, and you try to lasso it. Using a lasso is hard! I failed in my three attempts but I wasn't alone, I saw only one guy do it.
Wall Climbin': There was a 25 foot climbing wall with room for about 4 people. I raced John to the top and was soundly beaten. The rope you are attached to does slightly pull you up but it was still pretty tough. I was proud of myself for reaching the top, and less proud of my pathetic rapelling attempt which resulted in slamming into the wall and skinning my elbow. I will blame the beer.
Tub Crashin': There were a few little GoKarts in the shape of bathtubs that you could race. I raced John and managed a thrilling comeback victory. Midway through the race I managed to snag a cone that helped make up the course and throw it at John's tub, I think that sealed the deal. The girl running this game was really cool, she encouraged bumping and was even willing to let us drink and drive at the same time! I declined, I needed both my hands free for this epic struggle.
Cow Milkin': Milk as much as you can in one minute. I managed about 2 cups which was more or less the average (ok, less). Early in the day, someone managed to damage the fake nipple or something and about 2 gallons of milk gushed out like a hose. Poor Bessie.
Water Squirtin': There was an inflatable maze and a bunch of Super Soakers. I did not take part in this one.