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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Three Games

Got in 3 short, fun games last night with Lauren. First up was our first outing with the recently acquired Fantasy Flight Games reprint of Knizia's Through The Desert. This game has been described as a simpler, multiplayer version of Go. I know next to nothing about Go but there did seem to be some vague similarities. In any event it was a fun game, very simple rules, and very fast which should help get it to the table often. There does seem to be a lot of strategy though, it was by no means a random game. Very close scores.

After that we played a game of Fearsome Floors, this time with the correct rules, and with all the advanced features (teleporters, turning stones, etc.). Both changes definitely made the game better. We wrapped up with two quick games of 10 Days In The USA, which I won a few months back at a SoCal Games Day. This is basically rummy with a few twists. Lots of luck but fun and fast.


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