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Friday, October 28, 2005

Boardgame Lunch

Some of the ToonTown programmers were having a boardgame lunch downstairs so a few of us 4th floor programmers headed over there after picking up some pizza. Games have to be light (and go unfinished) to fit them in at lunch but it was still fun. I played Quiddler and another table played Pirates of the Spanish Main. I'd played the online solitaire puzzle version of Quiddler before, and the real game is a lot more fun. A lot of the people there had played Settlers, I don't know if a lunchtime game of that is in the works. It would be very tough to finish, and that would be pretty unsatisfying I'd think. In any event it was a fun atmosphere for lunch and I think we'll make a return trip soon.

Coloretto seems like a great fit for this, I may bring that in.


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