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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bible Man

Have you ever found yourself wondering "What ever happened to Willie Aames?" when reminiscing about your favorite old television shows? Well wonder no more, he writes/directs/stars in Bible Man, an evangelical Christian show I stumbled across late Saturday night. This is quite a show, in the episode I caught, entitled "The Fiendish Works of Dr. Fear", Bibleman (yes, for some reason IMDB calls the show "Bible Man" but credits Aames as "Bibleman" - maybe he is secretly Jewish?) fights the aforementioned mad scientist who appears to be a ripoff of the Borg only with colored skin and a flaming red goatee. They do battle with some form of lightsaber and Dr. Fear uses a blaster but the main weapon in Bibleman's arsenal is, of course, quoting Scripture. What struck me as especially strange is that the school where Bible Man is doing his good deeds is full of students who aren't even slightly surprised to see a guy in a purple masked caped costume walk around in the hallways. You'd think he'd be more interesting than getting to Social Studies on time but these kids don't even bat an eyelash.

Aames apparently had a religious awakening in conjunction with going clean and sober, and I suppose this show is his ministry. According to the official site there is a national touring production (although IMDB says Aames no longer plays the Man while on tour), lots of DVDs, and even a video game. I prefer the slightly more subtle tactics in, say, Davey and Goliath, as opposed to the straight ahead bible quotes technique used in Bible Man. But whatever, good for him I guess.


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