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Monday, October 17, 2005

Moving Out

Saturday morning we had movers come to take our furniture to the new apartment. Took an hour longer than expected but still not bad, I think altogether it was about $250 which was about what I was hoping for. Definitely cheaper to rent a UHaul and hire help on eMove than to get a fullservice company. I think we're 80% moved out of the old place now, there are still a bunch of things left to come over like clothing and our old kitchen stuff, but most stuff is in the new place. Sadly I was sick much of the weekend and so less cleaning and unpacking was done than I had hoped for. The new place is great though, very spacious, I like the layout. It is nice to start using stuff that we registered for, we had waited to unpack til we moved. So we got to use our new sheets, eat off our new plates, stuff like that.

It was nervewracking but also somewhat thrilling to drive the UHaul. I kept singing the (two lines that I know from the) "Convoy" song. Kids were running beside the truck making that "blow the horn" motion. What a day.


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