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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Business Cards

Boing Boing has an entry up about one guy's solution for storing his business cards. I wonder how many readers know that old Tibs collected business cards as a youngster? I amassed quite a collection. I also used basically the same storage technique as this guy, it's not rocket science. Most of the cards I got were pretty boring but occasionally you'd get someone with a weird name or funny picture on their card. I vividly remember a black business card with gold design on it from somewhere in Pebble Beach, that was sent to me by friends who moved from NJ to the left coast. I also remember that my favorite hotspot (for quantity, certainly not quality) was department store cosmetics departments. Every one of those counters has a business card. I'm sure there are others but at the time I wasn't able to just drive myself anyplace so the opportunities for acquisition were reasonably limited.


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