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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

In Mourning

You may have noticed that the blog is clad in black today. Well that is because the Gaghans are out of the Amazing Race. It was tough holding back the emotions but if Carissa could do it on the mat, then so can old Tibs. Truly a great family that caught some bad luck this episode with the coffee bean challenge, but even in defeat they stuck together and went out the right way.

I was impressed (if unsurprised) by Tony Paolo's herculean efforts at the banana challenge. DJ Paolo was weaker than I expected. I know bananas are heavy but he whined like a child. Still the Paolos on the whole were less annoying than usual.

The Weavers suck. "Pray, Rachel, pray!"? Making fun of a hardworking garbageman? Mocking the Godlewski sisters' breasts? "That's the dumbest volcano I ever saw"? "Lefto or righto?"? This team can't go 2 minutes without supplying me with another reason to hate them. I mean really, this is a team from Florida that doesn't appear to have ever been to an airport before. Unless Daytona Beach is a hotbed of volcanic activity that I didn't realize, there is no excuse for these morons to be so jaded. Only one team yielded you Weaver clan, and maybe one other team besides that dislikes you, so enough with the persecution complex.

The only people who seem even less fond of the Weavers than I am are Lynn and Alex, their blog entries are hilarious. I would have just linked to their profile pages, but it looks like someone at the CBS web production team forgot to swap out the Latin placeholder text with real information. That never would have happened while I was working at Viacom.

Current hopes for the win: Linzes, Bransens, Godlewskis, Paolos, Weavers.


  • Great blog entry.

    I am still sad to see the Gaghan's out of it and have no idea who I will root for in the coming weeks. I am liking the Paolo's more and more and they are quickly becoming the next Richard Hatch (a man I hated for most of Survivor but desperately rooted for at the end).

    By Blogger Shawn, at 7:27 PM  

  • I am truly sick of people claiming to be great Christians when they are really awful people. As you said, God doesn't care if you win The Amazing Race, and he certainly isn't going to intervene for a family of whiners who make fun of all the other teams.

    By Blogger Shawn, at 7:29 PM  

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