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Thursday, August 11, 2005

New Games!

I finally pulled the trigger on two games I've had my eye on for awhile, I guess I'll chalk these up as a birthday gift to myself. I ordered Crusader Rex and Rommel In The Desert direct from Columbia Games. Shipping was free if I ordered both, how could I resist? Columbia Games has a no questions asked 30 day return policy for their games, so even if I hate one or both I can get my money back.

I've read the bulk of the rules for Rommel, it looks like a step up in complexity from the wargames I've played. But most reviews still point to it as a perfectly reasonable game for a Eurogamer to tackle, with relatively simple (if slightly obtuse) rules, fast action, and decently short scenario time. Any game that has been around for 20+ years has to have something going for it! I've written some thoughts about Crusader previously, since then I managed to find an older version of the rules and read those. They have changed since then so I don't know exactly what the rules will be, but the system does seem similar to Hammer of the Scots which should make it quite easy to pick up. I'll write more once I get a chance to play either game.


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