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Monday, September 19, 2005

Spontaneous Bowling

I used to always keep my bowling ball and shoes in the trunk of my car, "just in case" the opportunity to bowl came up. After awhile I stopped because honestly, what are the chances of that happening? Well I lived to regret that decision because it happened, on Friday we were supposed to have a department-wide meeting for *5* hours in preparation for a visit from the president of Disney Online this week. After we got to the meeting it was revealed by the head of our department that it was all a ruse and that we were heading to Jillian's at Universal City Walk for free food, drinks, and bowling for a few hours. That is a seriously great way to end the week. I bowled a 157 in game 1, and had a 119 and a spare through 8 frames in game 2 when we had to call it quits, pretty solid performance I think.


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