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Monday, September 05, 2005

Two Red Eyes

Friday night I flew out to NJ on the redeye. Not a bad flight, I gave up a window seat for a middle row exit seat behind the bulkhead. A good move, I had about 8 feet of leg room. I would hate to sit next to me on a flight, I am pretty fidgety. The reason for the trip home is, of course, my wedding on September 10th.

Anyway after passing out at about 9pm on Saturday night, I went to see Red Eye with Sven and my parents. It was good, short and sweet. Not too formulaic, but nothing really earthshattering either.

Later that night Sven and I walked downtown to get some ice cream and ran into our brother in law Gianfranco who was dropping some friends off at the bus stop. We went back to his house (he bought a house about 5 doors down from my parents) and watched Sahara. I've only read one Clive Cussler book and this didn't necessarily feel like a direct adaptation of the characters, but it was an enjoyable movie. I've heard Cussler hates it though so I don't think this is the start of a franchise.


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