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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Formatting Woes

So the other day I was having a lot of trouble getting my TV show table to align properly. Turned out the problem was in some configuration setting that was replacing carriage returns with <br> tags all over the place. The workaround is either to remove excess whitespace, or to change that setting, which is what I've done going forward, and you should too if you know any html. I believe this is the reason why for instance the album covers on Shawn's page have that slightly staggered look to them (which I must say is actually a nice look). Anyway in the quest to figure that out I had stumbled across a similar bug, discussed here. When Shawn reported a formatting problem with my blog this was the page I returned to. It is a display bug that was only happening with IE (I generally use Firefox which is why I hadn't noticed it). The bug is that your top post appears below the sidebar. If this happens to you, in your template look for the line:


To fix the bug, just wrap that tag with a table (and then republish your blog), like so:

<table border=0><tr><td><$BlogItemBody$></td></tr></table>


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