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Monday, October 03, 2005

The University Doesn't Always Suck!

Other than movies and sports not too much of real interest this weekend. I did a lot of moving into our new apartment, maybe 5 trips with the car decently loaded down. Still lots to go but our current apartment has some breathing room now at least. I also played a lot on BrettSpielWelt over the weekend, mainly Carcassonne but also two games of Puerto Rico. I think I was undefeated at Carcassonne. That game may have luck but I've won about 61% of my games across the various flavors, and if there was a way to filter out old stats, it would be way higher.

My first game of Puerto Rico I played pretty poorly but the second game was interesting. Very early on (either as my 2nd or 3rd building) I misclicked and built the University instead of the Harbor. The University is generally considered one of the worst buildings in the game, it has a great power but it is way overpriced and generally less useful than the other buildings in its class. You very rarely will see the University being built in a game with people who know what they are doing - I've bought it less than 5 times I'd say. Anyway I made the most of it against two other players playing a heavy shipping strategy. I wound up with only 12 shipping points but managed a whopping 42 in building, including 3 staffed large buildings, to squeak out a win, 54-52-51. I very rarely am able to achieve a building-centric win in PR, so I'm pretty proud of pulling this one off.


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