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Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Amazing Race - Family Edition

Beware of definite spoilers regarding The Amazing Race 8.

I finished watching the two hour season premiere of AR and I really liked what I saw. A lot of fun teams to watch, a few that get on my nerves but for the most part I really liked the cast. I know I am a moron but it really made me laugh to hear the constant references to the Black family. I liked this team but they were a little too positive, I would have loved them in real life but on television I was bored with them by the end of episode 1, so I wasn't sorry to see them go. I was slightly disappointed to not see a team made up of two gay dads, their adopted young republican son, and the family's gay butler. Lauren pointed out that a gay butler isn't exactly family, but I still like the idea.

My favorite part of the episode was when the Gaghan family overtook the Aiellos in the Amish buggy haul. Watching the frustration on their faces, watching them throw their hands up in disgust, as this nice family goes past them with the adorable little kids singing a horribly mangled version of "She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain" - well I just had to rewind and watch the whole segment again. I love both teams. I liked the idea of a dad and his sons-in-law, and when they were ultra-patriotic about the flag ceremony, they sealed the deal for me.

My second favorite part of the episode was seeing season 1 alumni Kevin & Drew at the hot dog stand. I think only one team recognized them, but I sure did, it was very cool to see two of my favorite racers in a cameo. I wonder if this is going to happen more this season? Will we be treated to a reappearance of Team Guido?

My third favorite part of the episode was watching Linda of the Weaver family get run over by a buggy. This team is insufferable. I feel bad for them having lost their father / husband, but I've already seen them pray TWICE for success in the race, and that is twice too many. I certainly hope the Almighty has better things to do than monitor this sort of thing.

I still have my beefs with the AR, as I think it basically comes down to luck. But I've come to accept that as part of the deal, and I really do enjoy the show. I like the idea of having such different teams this time, it was really cool how kids were a liability in the rowboat challenge, but an advantage in the buggy haul. Oftentimes the Detours on the show are obvious, but at least in episode 1 there was nearly an even split, and each side really did have advantages.

My favorite teams then are the Aiellos, the Gaghans, and the Paolos (although this could change, the "yell at mom" shtick was making me sad by the end), and to a lesser extent the Linzes (any team member that can fart and then blame it on his sister's breath rules in my book, but other than that I am not sure I like them) and Bransens. I also like the chauvinist dad from the Rogers clan but it's unclear if he will really exhibit sexist (yet so entertaining!) behavior, or if his intro interview was misleading. The only teams I dislike are the Weavers and the Godlewski sisters, they are too screechy.


  • Tibs, great summary. The buggy scene was hilarious and scary at the same time. I trult enjoyed the Black Family, it reminded me of a great Chappelle Show skit that I will not repeat.

    So far, I like the Gaghan family, i loved watching the little kids singing as they passed the bros-in-law.

    By Blogger Shawn, at 7:58 PM  

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