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Monday, September 26, 2005


Saturday night saw Lauren and I playing two games by Richard Borg. First up was Memoir 44. In battle 14 of the campaign, my Germans defeated Lauren's allies 6-0. This was the first shutout of our campaign and saw some really great card draws early on for me that let me roll over the right flank of the map. This picture isn't by me, but it actually does show scenario 14 (although here the Allies beat the Germans 6-5). Two more battles to go and the campaign will be over.

Next up was Wyatt Earp, which is basically a twist on rummy. I really like this game and apparently it is best with 3 players, which I have never even tried, so it could rise even higher. It took us three rounds to finish and the lead went back and forth after each, but I managed to win by a few points.


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