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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Xbox360 Backwards Compatibility

Microsoft has released an initial list of 200 or so Xbox games that will be playable on the 360 hardware. I did a quick count and about 15 of my games are supported, including some heavy hitters like both Halo games, the GTA series, Fable, DOA3, Crimson Skies, Simpsons and Star Wars series, the first Prince of Persia game, and so on. My biggest disappointment is that Panzer Dragoon Orta is not present. There are a lot of games I do NOT own that are also there which pleases me as I was unable to play them in the past. This list includes Ninja Gaiden, Sid Meier's Pirates!, Half-Life 2, and Jade Empire. Some noticeable absences here are Doom 3 and Psychonauts. Supposedly this list will be updated as time goes on and I really hope they follow through on that. But in any event this is a pretty nice list on its own.


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