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Monday, August 15, 2005


Hot on the heels of VP100 (which has itself seen some improvements over the weekend, I'll submit a new version to PokerFilter soon), and inspired by the TwoDimes Poker Odds Calculator, I put together the promised page to compare various video poker strategies. You can either be dealt a random hand (good for practice), or pick a hand yourself. You can then add up to 25 different trials. For instance if you are dealt 8♥9♥10♥J♥J♦, you can do one trial holding the open-ended straight flush draw, and a second trial holding the pair of Jacks. Submit the page, it will run 5000 iterations, and report back with the hand results and overall payoffs.

Still working on it...I want to add some more result fields, like %won/%lost, average win/loss per hand, etc...I need to add an option to vary your bet (since the royal flush payoff varies with the maximum bet)...the page in general needs some aesthetic work (it should say "straights" instead of "ST" for instance)...I need to modify my PHP install to allow for longer execution time so that I can up the number of iterations. Lauren has given me some reading material for some statistical tests that I'm going to be looking into, I may try to work that into the page as well. Once this is finished I'll provide a link; if you'd like to see what there is so far (it is completely working and quite useful and fun already), just e-mail me.


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