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Monday, September 19, 2005


This was dreadfully bad. I don't even care if you haven't seen it because I can't spoil something that is rancid to begin with! The cast should be good but ends up disappointing...I normally like Brent Spiner but he's no better than decent here, Charles Dutton usually does good work but really phones in his performance...that dwarf Peter Dinklage is probably the best part of the show (well, the second best - Carla Gugino is awfully easy on the eyes). That's all that's good though, and that's not even enough to carry the pilot. Lame technobabble courses throughout the show, and the whole "triple helix" DNA nonsense reminded me of nothing so much as the "double guitars" joke from the Simpsons. Every conversation and moment felt like you'd seen it in some better show or movie a dozen times already. And what is Threshold, is it the name of the protocol, or the name of the building? The saddest part is that Friday nights are so barren that I will probably keep recording it anyway!


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