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Thursday, August 18, 2005


I realize I'm about 3 years late coming to this game but better late than never. I've had a chance to get into Pikmin this week and I'm glad I did. It's a quirky little game, I guess it should be categorized as a real time strategy game, but it's somewhat puzzle oriented as well. If Commandos and Lemmings had a baby, it might be this game. You grow and control this little army of dudes called Pikmin, which come in three varieties and have different strengths/weaknesses. Red Pikmin are good fighters, yellow Pikmin can handle bombs, etc. So far I am only through 3 of the 30 days in the game so I have only come across two types. It's pretty simple gameplay so far although I suspect it will get a lot more complicated as things go on. One thing I really like is that the game is split into 30 days as mentioned, and each day takes exactly 15 minutes. So it's an easy game to just play for a bit.


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