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Friday, August 19, 2005

Fall 2005 TV Shows

Here are the shows (that interest me) that are having season/series premieres that are coming up in the next month or so. Sunday and Thursday are looking a little better than last season in terms of conflicts, and West Wing moving to Sunday should ease my woes with losing the last minute of Lost every week. Lots of conflicts on here and obviously I am not going to be able to watch even half of this stuff, but I usually only go an episode or two on most of these.

DateTimeShowNetworkConflicts With...
Thu, Aug. 189pmScrubsNBCReunion, Apprentice
Sun, Aug. 289pmRomeHBO 
Mon, Aug. 298pmPrison BreakFOX7th Heaven, Surface
Thu, Sep. 89pmReunionFOXScrubs, Apprentice
Sun, Sep. 118pmThe SimpsonsFOXWest Wing
Thu, Sep. 158pmSurvivor: GuatemalaCBS 
Fri, Sep. 169pmThresholdCBS 
Mon, Sep. 198pm7th HeavenWBPrison Break, Surface
Mon, Sep. 198pmSurfaceNBCPrison Break, 7th Heaven
Wed, Sep. 219pmLostABC 
Wed, Sep. 2110pmLaw & OrderNBCInvasion
Wed, Sep. 2110pmInvasionABCLaw & Order
Thu, Sep. 229pmThe ApprenticeNBCScrubs, Reunion
Sun, Sep. 2510pmCurb Your EnthusiasmHBO 
Sun, Sep. 258pmThe West WingNBCSimpsons
Tue, Sep. 279pmCommander In ChiefABCAmazing Race
Tue, Sep. 279pmThe Amazing Race 8CBSCommander In Chief
Tue, Sep. 2710pmBoston LegalABC 

Conflict resolution predictions (for what I will watch, not ratings or series success or anything!):
  • Prison Break will win Monday nights. I love 7th Heaven but I get it in syndication anyway and catching up on those episodes is not hard. Missing a Fox show is harder to make up. Surface looks intriguing but I think it may just get lost in the shuffle. I always think scifi series look good but in practice I tend to dislike them, I cannot accept the relatively crummy production values.
  • Apprentice will beat Reunion. Reunion sounds like a cool idea but it could also easily blow. Scrubs will continue to be the only show that I record to VHS!
  • I will TiVo either West Wing or Simpsons, and watch the other live. Probably West Wing live so I can see it in HDTV. Sunday night is one of the few nights I think I can definitely commit to a live show of something.
  • Law & Order will beat Invasion. I will try to watch Invasion once at least. See notes on Surface.
  • First showing of Commander In Chief will be crucial. I'm very excited about this show, I like Geena Davis and I love Donald Sutherland so if the show comes together it might win out. I had a tremendously fun time with Amazing Race last year though, so Commander In Chief has some very high standards to meet.
Two other notes, on FX Shows - I really need to either catch a Shield marathon or wait for the latest season DVDs. I missed the last season and I am not happy about that! And at some point I need to check out Rescue Me.


  • Yes, you definitely need to see The Shield season. It was really good. I really enjoy Rescue Me as well, but there is nothing "must watch" about it.

    I am very excited to see Curb is coming back. Do you watch Entourage? I sure as hell hope so!

    Did you watch Empire on ABC? What about Empire Falls on HBO?

    By Blogger Shawn, at 5:00 PM  

  • I did not see either Empire or Empire Falls. I will see if Empire Falls is available via onDemand.

    I have never watched a single episode of Entourage. Not sure why, I know many people love it. HBO has too many good shows. I have given up on Deadwood, while watching Swearengen pass a stone I realized it was no longer fun for me.

    By Blogger Sir Tibs Tibsford, at 5:16 PM  

  • I gave up on Deadwood, deleted all of Empire yesterday, and still have Empire Falls on my TiVo.

    I definitely hear you on the low production quality of SciFi as I notice it a lot in The 4400.

    By Blogger Shawn, at 9:04 PM  

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