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Friday, August 19, 2005

Thursday Night Gaming

Played two race games last night with Lauren. First up was another playing of Fearsome Floors. We played a bit slower than usual but still at a decent clip. Forcing yourself to move fast and not allowing takebacks seem key for this game, you could take forever and analyze the monster movements but it would take away from the game. Part of the fun is watching the monster eat your characters because of mistakes you made! We both were about to escape our third character on the same turn but Lauren moved first and so won the game.

Next up was our old favorite Odin's Ravens which hasn't hit the table in quite some time. Lauren jumped out to a huge 7-0 lead in the first flight and I was able to score a few points but never really recovered. She took the win 14-5 after 5 flights.

I wrapped up with a bit more Pikmin.


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