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Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Perfect Wife

Well obviously it'll be Lauren.

But anyway on the Howard Stern Show (probably NSFW) this morning, they had a guy on claiming to have The Perfect Wife. Howard did his best to find something wrong with the woman but was unable to. In the end he agreed with the guy and gave them $500.

The funny part was that the business this guy ran is actually a game shop that he plugged on air, GameDaze. More accurately it's a chain of 8 shops (plus a website) in the Phoenix area. Seems very reminiscent of the old Wizards of the Coast / GameKeeper retail shops, a mix of topselling German games, traditional American games, chess/go sets, and little game-related paraphenalia, all selling at MSRP. I will say that I was unaware that the Carcassonne expansions were wargames. I'm amazed at two things. First is that a guy who has a business that certainly appears to be aimed at families would go on the Howard Stern Show and talk about how much sex he and his wife have. Second is that he's able to operate 8 different game shops within one small area! The brick & mortar board game shop row is a tough one to hoe. Then again if he needs the $500 from Stern, maybe business isn't so hot.


  • Dude--I'm the guy who went on the show with his wife. I wish I saw this blog back then.

    For the record: If Howard had gotten us to speak about ANYTHING embarassing, we would never have told him the name of our business. He didn't delve into sex too much, only to make sure The Perfect Wife would never use sex as a weapon. Also, my wife was asked to take off her top, which she refused to do. Howard respected that, saying a "perfect wife" wouldn't take her top off for other guys.

    The $500 was a total surprise. After getting flown into NY, put up at a nice hotel, and getting to be on the show, we certainly didn't expect a prize. We gave the prize to a needy family, who couldn't make their $500 rent that month. So, everyone won!

    As far as the game stores go, I did sell them 2 years ago. It was getting harder and harder to run 7 stores and a website, against the big boys and the obstacles in the economy.

    By Anonymous bn, at 1:08 PM  

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